Holiday Season is Upon Us!

As the holiday season comes and goes, so do my projects in the shop.  I have just completed a medicine cabinet and accent table.  This was for the customer who originally ordered the bathroom vanity stand.  All items are delivered and the customer seemed very pleased with his new pieces!  Now is when I go into cleaning mode and getting my shop back in order before I start on a different project.

In the mean time, I am building a table for my mini-lathe.  I found the plans for this table online and will see if the design will work for me.  This should allow me to keep all of my turning tools together and easily accessed from the work station.  My next projects for the shop will include a stand for the surface planer, a heated cabinet for paints and other finishing materials and a box to store a variety of sandpaper by grit and applications!

Let’s not forget about those last minute Christmas projects!  They come up from time to time, especially from the other half.  ‘Tis the season for gift exchanges and Secret Santa reveals etc…  And even that one person who you can’t seem to find that one perfect gift in any store.  With only 15 days before Christmas, I’m sure I’ll get those last minute request and somehow I’ll pull it off.  But until I get overwhelmed, I’ll be in the shop knocking out the small stuff and getting around to things that I’ve been putting off a while.

Till next time…