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Merry Christmas!!!


So since my last post, I’ve had the last minute gifts come in just like I expected. One friend of mine added a little boy to the family this year so he needed a little boy snowman to add to his collection. Also had orders come in for college wall art of new schools… Mississippi State, Alabama and Univ. of Southern Cal!  So as far as templates and school colors, that is now added to my collection.

In my last post, I mentioned about building a heated cabinet for my paints and finishing materials. As I was figuring out the materials and design of the cabinet, a thought crossed through my mind. I was designing a very similar cabinet to one that I already had around the house. It was a tall china cabinet with shelves and glass doors that I had in storage with plans of disposal. I decided to just repurpose that cabinet and modify it for my shop. For a heating element, I used a 100 watt light bulb inside the cabinet. With my initial measurements, it seems to keep the inside about 7-8 degrees above the shop temperature. I’ll probably either add insulation board on the inside of the cabinet, more “heating elements” or a combination of both. My goal is to keep the inside of the cabinet above 60 degrees year round. More about that later.

As far as projects for myself for the New Year, I have resolved myself to make my own shoe rack in the new year. I have been looking at a basket of shoes that have almost become lost in stuff on top. So with that, I will make myself one to fit the space beside my dresser. I guess the idea hit me when I found a nice piece of oak from a project long ago that I had forgotten about.

And on that note, it’s time for me to break away for a while. I was able to get the whole week off (which is a miracle at my job) so I plan on taking advantage of it!  We’ll see what Santa brings me when I get back!

Till next time…