Customer Reviews

Below are comments that were provided to me straight from my customers!

Shoe Rack
I’ll vouch for Nathans work. Me made a very handsome shoe rack for us a few years ago. Despite four plus years of daily use and three moves, its still as good looking and sturdy as the day we got it.
Darren P.

Nathan does some awesome work.  He is truly gifted.
Zach W.

Bathroom Vanity Stand with Mirror
Medicine Cabinet
Accent Table

I am in the process of renovating and decorating my new condo and I was having a hard time finding the vanity I wanted in the master bath. I looked high and low but there was always something just a little off.  I decided to search from someone who could make a vanity that would fit my exact requirements. That’s where Nathan came in. I was in Afghanistan at the time I contacted and coordinated everything with Nathan. He was super easy to work with and and I was able to explain my exact requirements through our email correspondence. I happened to be home in the US when Nathan completed the project so I was there for delivery. It only took one glance to realize the vanity was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Just take a look at the picture and you’ll see what I mean. I was so happy with his work that I came back two more times for additional projects.  I wanted to replace the traditional medicine cabinet in the bathroom so Nathan made a cabinet that matched the vanity and the mirror frame he previously made. Aweesome!!!! I have a similar story on an accent table I was looking for. Coordinated with Nathan and he created a table that was far beyond my expectations. It’s probably easier for you to look at the pictures of my projects and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Amazing work. I’m sure I’ll have more projects in the future as I continue with the renovations on my condo and I know exactly who I’ll be going to.  

Patrick T.

Modified Staircase

My father had a stroke in January 2010.  He was to be released from the hospital following physical therapy.  Major problem; no way to get dad in the house without fear of falling.  Nathan came and assessed the situation and built a wonderful set of stairs.  The rise was shorter and deeper.  The sturdy handrails were great.  He had about 3 nights to work.  And he did, in the snow and freezing temperatures.  He finished the steps and we brought the father home.  Even today the steps are a blessing everyday.  As I have aged, I appreciate the stairs greatly.  Even with the weather, Nathan knew how important finishing a load bearing set of stairs was to me and my father.

Sherry S.